About love.

Project Name: About love

Client: ELE KA

Year: 2023

Work conceptual description:

What is it that makes a couple’s love work? What are the pillars on which good love is built? ELE KA is a company located next to Valencia, near my workshop. Jewelry manufacturers specialized in wedding rings, symbol of eternal love. They thought of ceramics as a lasting and sustainable solution to deliver their wedding rings to the bride and groom. That’s how this project was born.

The love that makes us better, that elevates us, the intersection with the other, what we share, the love on which we create a thirdness, that frame of play built between two and for two. Love as a safe and quiet space.

Work technical description:

Each piece created delves into an aspect of shared love. The individuality, the thirdness, the construction together with the other. The other, me.

«About Love» is an artistic project that invites us to reflect on our personal relationships and how they can impact our environment. But it also shows us how corporate decisions can make a difference and how KM 0 practices and environmental protection can be compatible with economic growth and employment generation.

The glaze, my own creation, seeks to recreate the sensation of a caress. Touch is very important in this work; its humanity comes not only from its form, but also from its tactile nature.

The pieces are fired at up to 1280º.

Photography by Pau Rodilla©