Project Name: Aceitunero

Client: Aceitunas de España (Interaceituna is an organization powered by the Spanish Government)

Work conceptual description:

A podium to praise our olives.

This piece is designed to elevate, accommodate and protect something that identifies us so much in Spain: the olive.

Each one of them has passed through my hands on the lathe in a complex torus shape. Technically, it is a piece made around a double-walled structure in which you have to be very precise with the air that is encapsulated when making it since, in its right measure, it plays an essential role for the result to be optimum. This “donut” generates a hole inside that is accessed by making two perforations. With them I invite you to hide (or not) the olive’s bones.

Although the ceramic is rigid, its padded appearance turns the piece into a friendly and protective object. The clay finish is as natural as possible to remind us of the land where the olives come from: a field that works from dawn to dusk to give us fruit.

Elevate, accommodate and protect.

These pieces are made ad hoc for “Aceituna de carta”. An Interaceituna action for Olives from Spain and it has been a pleasure to reflect, think and make a piece about something so everyday for me.

Work technical description:

Each jug is made from hand-thrown pieces made with stoneware.

The transparent glaze is applied within by pouring and outside by airbrushing. 

The pieces are fired at up to 1280º.