La Cabina, Award Design

Project Name: Award design “La Cabina” 

Client: “La Cabina” International medium-length film festival of Valencia.

Year: 2018

Work conceptual description: 

I once heard Chema Madoz talking about drops of water: perfect, round, brilliant, compact.

I think something like that happens with medium-length films, their shorter format forces them to synthesise and tell the essence. They are concentrated, rounded, and if they also opt for recognition, the brilliance is guaranteed.

Nothing is left over, there is no artifice, they tell what they have to tell. There is no garnish, there is a tasty steak. They are the intensity of 37 minutes to reflect a feeling: fear.

They are deep, in the abyssal sense of the word. They are stories in which the script is tight, thought out, framed and lasts the lines it has to last. No more, no less.

Against this simplicity there is noise and artifice.

And behind it all, the unique gaze of the film’s director.


Work technical description:

The material is a fine and elegant Manises clay, a beautiful white stoneware. The colours of the trophy were already used by our ancestors in Valencia and the final shape, apparently simple, is somewhat complicated.

The pieces have passed through three kilns.

Measurements: 32 cm diameter; 4 cm high

The pieces are fired at 1280º.