Awards design EOI

Project Name: EOI School of Industrial Organization

Client: Ana illueca Ceramics

Work conceptual description:

EOI is recognized as Spain’s premier business school for energy, sustainability, and environmental studies. For its graduation ceremony, EOI sought a trophy that would embody the pursuit of zero waste, leading us to select my ‘Circular Surprise Collection’ to honor the top-performing students.


How can one minimize their environmental footprint while staying true to their values? ‘Circular Surprise’ provides a profound answer by transforming waste into art. These plates emerge from the remnants of my workshop—brush cleanings, tool residues, and handwashings—giving discarded materials a new life.

Crafted without waste generation, this collection reshapes the ceramic narrative. It combines my stoneware, my students’ contributions, and workshop porcelain. Even the glazes find new purpose.

Unpredictable and unique, each piece’s final form remains a delightful secret, revealing the unexpected.

Work technical description:

Each plate is meticulously shaped from workshop clay remnants, a blend of stoneware and porcelain. The glaze originates from brush and tool cleaning, utilizing an eco-conscious ‘haha’ water source free of hazardous substances.

Measurements: 17 cm diameter; 1.5 cm height

Material: blend of stoneware and porcelain.

The pieces are fired up to 1,280°C.