Project Name: Chandeliers

Year: 2023

Client: Ana illueca Ceramics

Work conceptual description:

The game is intuition. You can study it and memorize it, but you’ll lose out on the fun. These modular candle holders allow you to build according to the occasion or candle size.

We’re not the same person every day, nor do we have the same needs at every moment. Allow yourself to play, experiment, and trust your intuition; that’s the only way to win.

Work technical description:

Each support is made with the remaining material from my «About Love» project. When I finished each clay block I got some pieces of clay that I couldn’t do anything with, so I started to work with them with the goal of making geometrically perfect pieces.

Expressive brushstrokes of porcelain engobe are employed to create vivid unique pieces.

Materials: Stoneware.

The pieces are fired at up to 1280º.