Project Name: Chrysalises

Client: Ana illueca Ceramics

Year: 2021

Work conceptual description:

A chrysalis is an instant. In the field of zoology, chrysalis refers to the pre-adult stage of insects, just before they undergo a complete metamorphosis.

It is extraordinary how, in a mere second, the insect breaks out of the cocoon in which it has resided for months and, leaving its refuge behind, emerges into a new world.

Changes are instants that we rarely perceive: because of their immediacy, because of the way they jolt us, because of the way we turn away and look elsewhere… In which minute, at what hour did it all end? Or did it all begin? What is the pivotal moment that defines the before and the after of things? 

The present is invisible to the eye because it is a tense that does not really exist, and when we decide to inhabit it, we are already too late.

With these pieces I wanted to portray this precise, ephemeral moment in which everything changes — neither for better nor for worse. After all, change is evolution, and evolution is life.

Work technical description:

“Chrysalises” is a series of potsof three different sizes, made on a potter’s wheel with a high quality stoneware. Making them requires knowledge of the technique and an extra physical effort. They are decorated by hand, one by one, in the tones that define my Mediterranean.

Size: 34 cm wide x 25 cm high

Material: High quality stoneware.

Firing temperature: 1280º.

Photography by Pau Rodilla©