Project Name: Colibol

Client: Cerveza Turia

Work conceptual description:

Colibol is inspired by Valencia’s most cherished landscape — its market gardens. We highlight their value by translating them into ceramics. Valencia is like a huge store of fresh produce, the city being surrounded by fields that provide us with food, traditions and well-being.

With your purchase, and thanks to Cerveza Turia, 10% of the sales price will be donated to Fundació Assut to support the protection of the market gardens to safeguard them as a productive area.

Work technical description:

Bowls made in the mould of a beautiful Valencian cauliflower. Unglazed porcelain on the outside, glazed inside in the three most representative colours of the Mediterranean: blue, yellow and green. Original, fun and eye-catching. 

Size: 150 mm in diameter, and 75 mm in height.

Material: Porcelain. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

The pieces are fired at up to 1,280°C.