Espolin is a silk handmade knitting fabric, there are only two factories in the world and they are in Valencia. In France or Italy there were also but they disappeared: in Valencia (Spain), thanks to the Fallas world (a festivity recently recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO) producing the traditional “fallera” clothing it has not disappeared.

It takes a day to make 1 centimeter ok silk clothing, so you can imagine that it can it can perfectly cost about 1,500 € the meter.

But it's not the price that surprised me the most, because when you see how they work to make it you understand perfectly. The Espolin is a recognized silk in the Fallas world with an intangible value of tradition, exclusivity and status.

They are not fabrics, they are jewels.

Once a I understand this, it made me feel very respectful with the value of the project.

It was not easy to update and modernize the use of fabrics while maintaining the perceived value. In addition, there is no history in which ceramics and silk were used in the same object. It has been a challenge, an innovation and a game. Because, creating without basis, is positively fun.

And it has been a luxury to be able to do it with such freedom, so luck that a brand calls you to play, thanks a lot!

I have made three differents concepts of SILK POTTERY, I hope you enjoy!

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