Project Name: Fallow

Client: Ana illueca Ceramics

Year: 2021

Work conceptual description:

Fallowing is a technique used in agriculture whereby farmland is left to rest for a year or two so it can recover. I have fallowed several times in my life, all of which have been rich and fruitful when I sowed anew.

Introduce fallowing into our habitat, into our way of thinking, even into our relationships. How many people have you left fallow? How many projects, how many decisions? 

Work technical description:

“Fallow” is a series of flowerpots, in three different sizes, made on a potter’s wheel from high-quality stoneware. Making them requires expertise in the technique and an extra physical effort. They are decorated by hand, individually, in the vivid colours that define my Mediterranean.

Material: High-quality stoneware.

Firing temperature: 1,280°C.

Photography by Beatriz Tafaner ©

Photography by Féminin Films©