Casa La Muda y Casa Sant Antoni

Project Name: Casa La Muda y Casa Sant Antoni

Year: 2022

Client: Raquel Giménez. Arquitecta.

In colaboration with: Joan Quirós, calligrapher

Work conceptual description: 

Important things have a name long before they are born. They neither know, nor ask to be treated differently from the rest, but it doesn’t matter because giving them a name and preparing their arrival is the way we celebrate their gestation process. The gesture of elevating to the category of person everything in which we leave a little bit of ourselves.

Designing these signs for two houses is a way to infuse meaning and personality wherever an emotional bond will be created with that space that someone will call home. Due to its durability and resistance, ceramic has been the material of choice throughout history to name and identify streets or locations (an unmistakable gesture of personality and commitment).

Naming things, I can think of no greater gesture of love and care towards our refuge and history.

Work technical description:

The symbolism of this project is taken from the imaginary of the Socarrat but taken to volume. An extrusive and tactile imaginary that simplifies and eliminates the characteristic red color of the Socarrats so that the name of the houses is what stands out the most. The typography brings it closer to the Modernist style of the moment in which the new bourgeoisie identified their place. A result that was possible thanks to the collaboration with the magician of ink, Joan Quirós.

Material: High-quality stoneware.

Firing temperature: 1,280°C.