Project Name: Komorebi

Client: Ana illueca Ceramics

Work conceptual description:

“Komorebi” is an untranslatable Japanese word. No equivalent. Unique. It is used to define the sunlight filtering through the tree leaves.

The streets of Valencia are full of “komorebis” penetrating between the leaves of orange and palm trees, saturating the pavement with patterns made by the shadows. Light and shadows are transferred to ceramics through a medieval technique that is very typical of our region: metallic lustre.

Metallic lustre is a technique used to gild the pieces you see by combining lead, copper and silver. The optimum formula for accomplishing it is a secret and very few people in the world have mastered the technique. The work was made in Manises (Valencian Community), the only place in the world where this tradition has continued uninterrupted since it was bequeathed to us by the Moriscos.

And although you see leaves here, this piece is about roots.

Work technical description:

Plates and cylindrical vessels made on the potter’s wheel. Low-temperature earthenware. Decoration achieved in the third firing.

Size: Dishes with a maximum diameter of 42 cm. Vessels with a maximum height of 40 cm.
Material: Low-temperature earthenware.
The pieces are fired at up to 1,000°C.