Mediterranean Bits Table

Project Name: Mediterranean Bits Table

Year: 2023

Client: Francoise Marq

In collaboration with: Lebrel carried out the manufacture of the metal structure

Work conceptual description:

The Belgian architecture and interior design studio, Francoise Marq, wished to incorporate the colorful and Mediterranean-inspired elements into a piece exclusively designed for their client’s house in Saint Tropez. 

Work technical description:

The collaboration began with the design of a metal table, the structure of which was also created by Francoise Marq, whose top is composed of ceramic pieces from the «Mediterranean Bits» collection.

The production and decoration of the ceramics were entirely manual. One of the most fascinating aspects of the work is the composition of the Bits, an endless combination that ultimately manages to convey a sense of tranquility and brightness, as in this case.

Material: Steel structure, High-quality stoneware. White porcelain slip, copper oxide and cobalt oxide.

Firing temperature: 1,280°C.