Mediterranean Bits. Wind.

Project Name: Mediterranean Bits Wind

Client: Ana illueca Ceramics

Year: 2024

Work conceptual description:

The terrible story of things that are meant to have a purpose.

It seems impossible to exist without a purpose. Here’s the idea: we start our creative journey without worrying about who we are; just enjoying the ride and doing things for fun gives us hints about ourselves. But, from the beginning, we’re pressured to decide what we’ll be forever, committing to something we’re far from. Being too rigid makes us annoying.

Deciding what we want to be and making big choices should be flexible and light. That’s why this mobile goes against the idea of being fixed and deciding who we are before even starting. It challenges the idea of ceramics being heavy and rebels against strict rules.

In the end, building ourselves means trusting that the balance between things we can’t control (like the wind) and things we can control (like matter) will put us in the right place.

Work technical description:

Kinetic sculpture.

The complexity of this piece lies in finding the harmony of the composition in each of its facets, taking into account that these are continually changing.

Tiles made of recycled stoneware from the workshop. They are handmade, individually, and also hand decorated in the colurs that define the Mediterranean. They are highly resistant to outdoor temperature changes.

Material: High-quality stoneware. White porcelain slip, copper oxide and cobalt oxide. Pinewood.
Size: 80 x 120 cm.
Firing temperature: 1,280°C.

This piece is made to order and adapts to the size of the space it will occupy.