Mediterranean bits Instalation.

Project Name: Mediterranean bits instalation

Client: Ana illueca Ceramics

Year: 2020

Work conceptual description: 

Mediterranean Bits are little pieces of information from times gone by. They are cobalt and copper green; they represent tradition artistically combined to produce an innovative result. They embody surprise, sea and the people.

Work technical description:

Tiles made of recycled stoneware from the workshop. They are handmade, individually, and also hand decorated in the colours that define the Mediterranean. They are highly resistant to outdoor temperature changes.

The most interesting thing about this collection is that each person who acquires them participates in the creative decision of how to make use of them. One or hundreds. To be displayed individually, as a trio on a shelf, put ten on the dining room wall, place thirty on the exterior of the house, or hundreds to fill a whole wall. This part has more to do with you than me. If you would like an option that is not on display in the shop it would be best to make an enquiry via email here.

 Size: 75 x 75 mm, 15 mm in height.

Material: High-quality stoneware.

Firing temperature: 1,280°C.

Photography by Féminin Films©