Miradors de l'horta

Project Name: Miradors de l’horta

Client: Miradors de l’horta Festival

In collaboration with: Miguel Arráiz, Architect and Radiante Lab

Work conceptual description:

This exhibition took place in Foios, a small town in Valencia towards the end of 2023.

Architect Miguel Arraiz alongside Arqueha, Mármoles Gómez Grau and Radiante Lab managed to elevate the products of the orchard, from basic working tools to jewelry — to the category of art.

My ceramic pieces were the platform over which these pieces of art stood — a beautiful metaphor to represent how the earth (clay) gives us life and bears fruits.

This project highlights the orchard as a valuable treasure that houses the culture, traditions and future of Valencia. The orchard has witnessed generations of Valencians who have worked this land with passion and dedication, creating a heritage of immeasurable value that deserves to be preserved and celebrated.

Would what I do be different if I didn’t live here? Probably yes, but I hope I never find out.

Work technical description:

Each jug is made from hand-thrown pieces assembled to resemble human anatomy. The clay is recycled stoneware from my studio.

Expressive brushstrokes of porcelain engobe are employed to create depth.

The transparent matt glaze is applied within by pouring and outside by airbrushing. A gradual increase in the copper oxide creates a gentle gradient towards a greenish hue.

The pieces are fired at up to 1280º.

Photography by Noel Arraiz