Silk pottery

Project Name: Silk Pottery

Client: Amstel

Year: 2017

Work conceptual description: 

Project finalist for the Artisan Innovation Award 2018.

Through the Silk Road, Valencian ceramics were influenced by Chinese porcelain, its floral motifs and the whiteness of this material. 

In the work the silk pattern contaminates the ceramic ring, extending through it to form a single piece. Representing the influence of these exquisite fabrics in our culture. Each plate is a unique piece.

These valuable fabrics are very common in the culture of my region. The fabric are used in the typical costume of the Fallas Festival. In March, all the women of Valencia wear dresses that honor our history.

This is a new bit of my heritage.

Work technical description:

The plate turned by hand on the potter’s wheel. Hand-decorated in a continuation of the silk floral motif.

Material: Stoneware, porcelain slip, pigments in the third fire, and fabric.

Firing temperature: 1,280°C.

Photography by Dolors©