Project Name: Relationships

Client: Ana illueca Ceramics

Year: 2022

Work conceptual description:

We are nothing; we only exist in relation to the other. We depend on the context. Just like stone beats scissors but is defeated by paper.

These jugs are what we are when we are alone, but change completely depending on what is placed beside them. Just like the stone.

“Relationships” is a series of anatomical jugs, apparently immutable in character, but when placed in relation to each other, mutate, interact and adopt different forms, emotional and alive.

Work technical description:

Each jug is made from hand-thrown pieces assembled to resemble human anatomy. The clay is recycled stoneware from my studio.

Expressive brushstrokes of porcelain engobe are employed to create depth.

The transparent matt glaze is applied within by pouring and outside by airbrushing. A gradual increase in the copper oxide creates a gentle gradient towards a greenish hue.

The glaze, my own creation, seeks to recreate the sensation of a caress. Touch is very important in this work; its humanity comes not only from its form, but also from its tactile nature.

The pieces are fired at up to 1280º.